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Lit Fest Classes

  • Lighthouse Writers 1515 Race Street Denver, CO, 80206 United States (map)

Two Weekend Intensive: Plot and Structure Clinic: the Hero/Antihero's Journey
Using narrative examples from the classics, you’ll map out the themes, conflicts, structure, and other elements that drive your story. This fast-paced class consists of mini-lectures, group discussion, and group (conceptual) workshops. Bring your idea, and leave with a structural plan for your book. Times: 9-12 am, June 4, 5, 11, 12

Your White Whale: Symbolism and the Objective Correlative
Even if you’re not writing a symbolic story, essay, or poem, you are a symbolic writer. You can’t help yourself. As human beings, we use clues and symbols from our real and/or fictional worlds to understand people, define value systems, explore questions, decide on plans of action, and create meaning from our experiences. In this class, we’ll explore ways to use symbolism to create richer, more evocative narrative worlds.

Writing Fighting: Physical Conflict in Narrative
Maybe you’re a peaceable person, but your characters aren’t. How do you write a fight scene so it feels real? How do you keep your readers engaged, even as you're killing/bashing/bruising their darlings? In this class, we’ll explore physicality and combat in narrative, crucial elements of any good (or bad) fight, characterization through fighting, fight scene no-nos, and more.

Dynamic Scenes: Tips, Tricks, and Danger Zones
What's the difference between a dynamic scene and a dull one? In this class, we’ll examine the elements that constitute a vibrant scene and the choices that can turn a great scene into a dead one. You’ll leave this class with a toolbox of tips and tricks to help your scenes reach their full potential.

Drama-Rama: Conflict in Narrative
Sometimes in the effort to avoid melodrama, we avoid good old normal drama. In this class, we'll use discussion, readings, and in-class exercises to work on your story's conflict(s) and the dramatic questions that will drive your reader to keep reading.

Salon: A Man Walks into a Bar: On Writing Humor
Panelists: Steve Almond, Jenny Shank, Erika Krouse, Seth Brady Tucker
Attempts at comedy can bring readers and audiences together, but they can also push buttons, especially in an age where a hastily thrown-off line can become fodder for social media. How do you “write funny” without playing it too safe or tumbling off the cliff of political correctness? Panelists will discuss this as well as share a bit of their own humor writing and that of their comic inspirations. A catered meal and beverages are included in ticket price, available starting at 5:00 PM. Panel discussion begins at 6:00 PM.